Saturday, 24th August 2019
Puzzles Solved Yesterday: 101
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Beast Of The Month - February 2019

The "Beast Of The Month" is a very large puzzle, too big to display in the usual Kwon-Tom Loop interactive format. It's presented here as an image which you can print off and solve on paper.

Printable Beast February 2019(solution)

The suggested way to print this puzzle off is to save it to your local machine - for example, by right-clicking the above link and saving it, then opening that saved copy and printing it (in landscape format if possible). You may be able to print it directly from your web browser, but it's likely to require some scaling so it fits on the paper.

The same puzzle in plain text format is available from this link:-

Text Beast February 2019

If you have the Loopy application, you can obtain this puzzle in a format suitable for that here:-

Loopy Format Beast February 2019
(use the Game/Specific option and paste the line of text from this file in)