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Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 537
Best Total: 27m 19s
Posted - 2007.01.13 23:55:28
Someone posted some graphs they generated of their own performance quite a while back, and that prompted me to start tracking my own progress.  I am pleased to say that I am certainly improving, but not quite as quickly as I would like

Just a quick question for foilman really - I have noticed from my records that my best total time for one week should be 31m 27s (dated Wednesday 10th Jan).  But my best total here is 33m 29s (dated Saturday 13th).

I think this maybe because I have not had a chance to complete the puzzles day by day - so I have just sat down and completed the last 6 days worth this evening.  Does the best total time for one week only count if you complete the latest puzzle on the day it was released?  Or only if you have all the last 7 days completed?  (I hope that makes sense)


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