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Not much to go on (Wednesday, 28th February 2007)
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 717
Best Total: 19m 46s
Posted - 2007.02.28 00:14:53
Man this one was tough. Basically nothing except a few patterns to go off of.  I cant remember ever having taken ten minutes for a daily puzzle.  Did anyone see anything that you think others probably missed? Or was is this just a strategic guess type puzzle?
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 5195
Best Total: 20m 22s
Posted - 2007.02.28 00:24:26
this puzzle was evil - I made a guess - made some progress by doing some nasty nested guesses in my head (which I am not good at) and eventually just Assumed that I was right since I had made it half way.  I think this is the first time where I have decided to assume and continue, with the justification that I had so little progress made before the assumption started that if I had to completely reset, it would only take a couple of seconds to get where I was upto beforehand.
Even then I had to make another guess to finish it off.
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 4030
Best Total: 9m 6s
Posted - 2007.02.28 01:11:53
It was a lot of guessing for me.

Edit: My solution (which I've removed) was flawed. Let me try to fix it.
Last edited by Brian - 2007.02.28 01:41:32
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 607
Best Total: 16m 43s
Posted - 2007.02.28 03:10:36
Ouch that was tough. Just had to keep trying different fix positions till I got it It's a sure way to get a bad score!
Last edited by m2e - 2007.02.28 03:10:50
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1850
Best Total: 24m 39s
Posted - 2007.02.28 08:54:43
Christ... I think it's just Foilman making sure no one gets a good wednesday time.
Kwon-Tom Admin
Puzzles: 2166
Best Total: 24m 8s
Posted - 2007.02.28 09:01:06
Hehe... as if I'd do that...

Anyway, I found it very tricky too... but at least the 'wrong' wasn't too bad!
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 3258
Best Total: 13m 42s
Posted - 2007.02.28 09:05:01
Definitely a strategic guess puzzle.

This one, I got a good time on by just letting my subconscious do the hard work.  It can often see the solution without relying on any logical patterns.  Woman's intuition, if you will. 
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 4652
Best Total: 9m 35s
Posted - 2007.02.28 12:52:27
My solution's here
Start with a pattern
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1989
Best Total: 22m 1s
Posted - 2007.02.28 22:21:32
Indeed one of the toughest daily puzzles ever. How this rated as only "hard" I would like to understand.

On top, I had a network outage, and spent about 5 minutes fixing this after having finished the puzzle in about 7-8 minutes. Ouch. I guess there is no hope of convincing the Powers that Be to correct my score - especially since i don't know exactly how long I took.
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 3258
Best Total: 13m 42s
Posted - 2007.03.02 09:09:30
This Friday's puzzle is another good one for exercising your intuition.
Last edited by astrokath - 2007.03.02 09:09:41

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