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Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1376
Best Total: 17m 21s
Posted - 2007.05.08 20:13:26
An idea for a slightly longer term leaderboard:

For each day of the week take the median time for the past X weeks (maybe 4?) then add up the medians for the total time.

This would mean
a) the leaderboard is much more forgiving if you 'had a bad day' or 'made a stupid mistake' or 'my internet died!' or '1x1.gif OMG!' etc.
b) the leaderboard will be much less dependent on the difficulty of the puzzles - currently at some points the top 10 will all be under 25 minutes and then half a week later will include some 40 minute times.
c) in relation to the last point will give a more meaningful measure for people to see themselves improving (or getting worse )
d) possibly could mix people who haven't completed the current puzzle with those that have (currently the leaderboard is only accurate late in the day)
e) hopefully isn't too long term for foilman to completely dismiss the idea

Another idea/request - how about a "No fix position" leaderboard?
Last edited by Filthy - 2007.05.08 20:14:46
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1066
Best Total: 34m 35s
Posted - 2007.05.13 13:47:42
I think a leader board that lagged by a day would be a good solution to the problem of incomplete weekly comparisons.  Just generate a static page right before changing over to the next day's puzzle.

It would also be interesting if the puzzle had flags for each feature used.  The flag would be set if you used an x, used fix-position, or used color.  Then there could be checkboxes on the leader board screen (set on by default) to include players who used each feature.  It'd be interesting to see the best weekly time using none of the features.

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