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Personal slowest times?
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
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Posted - 2007.05.10 12:09:45
Yes, I like doing puzzles fast like everyone else, and watching everyone getting faster. ... But I've been working through the archives, and I'm going to run out soon and be limited to kwon-tom per day!  So I've started redoing ones that I've already completed, especially the ones that I had slow times on previously.

But tonight I came across a puzzle from just after I started doing them every day, and my time was 2h something for a weekend puzzle.  Naturally I redid it, but I was also thinking - once, it took me that long to do a puzzle.  Look how far I've come... I'd like to save that moment and savour it over and over again   But in redoing the puzzle, I probably wrote over that data in the database.

Would it be possible to store multiple times per puzzle, just for personal viewing?  Or would it take too much space, or too much effort?

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