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Today's puzzle (Saturday, 12th May 2007)
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 4656
Best Total: 9m 35s
Posted - 2007.05.12 00:28:45
Today's puzzle include so many simple counting problems,
wrong counting would force you to do many wrong things just like me...
Odd and Even, just One Count Difference.

Actually this is not a hard puzzle at least no long proof involved,
you can finish it within 6 minutes... if you have no wrong counting... T.T

I think some of you didn't use counting but just assume...reject,
in today's puzzle, using counting technique should be the best choice.

My solution's here
Kwon-Tom Fan
Puzzles: 96
Best Total: 1h 44m 7s
Posted - 2007.05.14 01:16:08

Finally finished it... was a long one (for me at least)...

What is the counting method you speak of?  Can you describe it to me?


Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1989
Best Total: 22m 1s
Posted - 2007.05.14 18:32:41
I made the mistake of starting this in the evening, after a few beers and getting sleepy. After restarting from scratch twice and screwing up the third time, I decided to just go to bed. In the morning I finished it in around 10 minutes (my normal).

Note to self: Drinking beer does NOT improve your deductive abibilities.

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