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visual sugestion
Kwon-Tom Fan
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Posted - 2007.07.01 18:25:25
what about to give the user the option of changing the white lines between dots by a gray line (when the edge is unknown) and the x's by white lines. is impossible for printed puzzles but fits perfectly in online ones.
here folows an example:

Kwon-Tom Addict
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Posted - 2007.07.02 01:37:36
There are lots of things not to like about the user interface at that site.

But I believe you're saying that you like the look that might result on kwontomloop.com if known blanks became white (instead of x's, as now) with unknowns represented by faint lines (instead of white space, as now). Is that right?

That is to say, in the current visual metaphor, the user marks lines and x's onto a piece of paper. Under this proposal, the user is presented with a page of lightly marked lines, and marks some dark and erases others.

There may be some merit to making this an option, if it's not too hard for the software to support it.

It is unclear what should happen when someone has chosen "Fix Current Position".
Kwon-Tom Admin
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Posted - 2007.07.02 07:30:39
Originally Posted by rootbeer
It is unclear what should happen when someone has chosen "Fix Current Position".
Yes, that's the main reason why I've not implemented this suggestion before... I'd have to disable the "fix position" option for it, as it's a bit hard to change a known blank (i.e. white line) to green without getting very confused!

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