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Kwon-Tom Fan
Puzzles: 68
Best Total: 7h 23m 12s
Posted - 2008.01.10 20:38:18
I was ill in August, September, and October and unable to save the Beasts for those months....Does anyone know how to access them on the site? or are you able to email them to me?  My email address is  Thank you so much if you can help.
   ~ C ~
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 3093
Best Total: 13m 42s
Posted - 2008.01.10 21:18:50
[1]Go to the archive (third link along the top of each page).
[2]Make sure you're on the selection for 'archived puzzles/solutions' rather than user puzzles or practise puzzles
[3]Change the month/year options.
[4]The Beast is linked to on a large button below the calendar of daily puzzles.

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