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My suggestions for this site
Kwon-Tom Noob
Puzzles: 9
Posted - 2008.01.24 13:43:00
I sent a few suggestions to the site's creator. Just thought I'd post them here to see what other people thought of them…

1. The puzzles are WAY harder than the "official" Nikoli Slitherlink puzzles. Even the "easy" puzzles are far more difficult than the most difficult Nikoli puzzles. How about an "even easier" difficulty level?

2. On a high resolution screen, the 10×10 grid seems really small and pushed up in the corner. I would absolutely love a button to double the size of the grid, for larger resolution monitors. (Or even a customisable size, if the graphics are all vectors?)

3. I like the web design, but I really strongly think the site would look better centred (especially the puzzles). If it were me, I'd do a slightly different background colour and have a central panel, or something.

4. I think the dots on the grid would look better if they were a shade of grey, instead of 100% black. Grey dots would make the numbers and lines stand out much better. Let's face it, you don't really need the dots to stand out at all. In theory, you could have them almost white.

5. Another little idea: how about making numbers grey out when their square is solved? For example, when a "3" has three lines around it, the 3 turns a shade of grey (perhaps the same colour as the dots?). That way, you're not as distracted by the numbers you don't need to look at, and you can see at a glace which numbers still require more lines around them.

6. I feel the shading of squares (pink and yellow) should have more contrast, with one being much darker than the other. In the paper-based Slitherlink puzzles, the inside is always shaded in with the outside unshaded, so you kinda get used to inside being 'dark' and outside being 'light'.

7. Not an important suggestion, and just an idea, but, how about two additional colours for shading squares? That would allow people to shade squares that are not yet touching the outside. (It would also mean "×"s would be unnecessary, I think.)

8. Not an important suggestion, but how about offering an alternative 'style' to the traditional little crosses? When I play Slitherlink on paper, I don't use crosses, I draw a feint line across the gap from the centre of one square to another. I find it much easier to see things this way: the feint lines join up together and more clearly block the paths of the real lines. It's all just clearer to see in my opinion. Anyway, just an idea.
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 5648
Best Total: 9m 35s
Posted - 2008.01.24 16:44:29
1,5: strongly disagree
others: unnecessary for me
Kwon-Tom Noob
Puzzles: 9
Posted - 2008.01.24 18:45:24
Sorry about 5.

I know it's pretty blasphemous to Slitherlink! (You should see this site)

It was supposed to be just an option that you can turn on or off. Not compulsary.
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Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1083
Best Total: 12m 56s
Posted - 2008.01.24 22:51:50
Originally Posted by dizzy

how about making numbers grey out when their square is solved?

Foilman is trying to keep things true to the paper version. Also, it would probably improve times abruptly - I really like having the historical record of solving speeds. I was worried about the introduction of shading, but it doesn't seem any of the top players are using it we seem to make the same deduction in our head as-needed, without needing to mark anything out beforehand. I suspect that shading is like x'es - something that helps to begin with, but must eventually be jettisoned for speed.
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