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Solving Loopy puzzles using the new Flash solver
Kwon-Tom Admin
Puzzles: 3344
Best Total: 24m 6s
Posted - 2008.04.23 15:40:09
If you've got a puzzle in Loopy and you want to try solving it here in the new Flash solver, there's a sneaky short-cut you can use to do so.

In Loopy, choose "Game / Specific..." from the menus and copy the puzzle string displayed in the pop-up.

Type in the URL and paste the loopy puzzle string onto the end. This will bring up the puzzle in the Flash solver.

Note that this has always been possible in the non-Flash solver anyway, by creating your own "user puzzle" (via the My Puzzles link on your home page) and loading a saved loopy file.

You can load puzzles sized up to 40x30 at present - so it's possible now to post your own Beast puzzles with a link to solve them... it'll do as a workaround until I can get Beast-sized puzzles in the User Puzzles section.

Here's an example of a link containing a loopy puzzle:
Kwon-Tom Addict
Puzzles: 314
Best Total: 33m 50s
Posted - 2008.04.24 10:59:46
Thanks Foilman. I just added Flash links to my last 5 user beasts.

Would it be possible to reduce the size of the square by only 3-4%, so I am not force to browse a bit up and and bit down the beast puzzles on my 22" wide screen monitor (using the max resolution of 1680x1050)?
Kwon-Tom Addict
Puzzles: 314
Best Total: 33m 50s
Posted - 2008.04.25 05:14:11
I complete adding Flash links to my 46 user beasts.
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 6105
Best Total: 7m 47s
Posted - 2008.04.25 20:00:05
Yes, it would be great if that were possible. I'm also on 1680*1050 (20' widescreen in my case) and in order to not have to scroll in Firefox, I have to deactivate Google Toolbar and even the navigation part where you normally type the URLs...
If possible, being able to resize the puzzles manually (e.g. to 50%, 75%) would be great.
Otherwise a great feature!
(By the way, Naivoj, I've already done all your beasts, sooooo...could you add some more? )

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