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User Beast #073- Solution
Kwon-Tom Addict
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Posted - 2008.06.23 15:10:15
Originally Posted by jankonyex
Just before setting the first big assumption:

disproved! now up to here:

Hope that I have done nothing wrong...
Hi Jankonyex, I think it is better to post solutions in separate topic, as I just quoted your partial solution links could you please edit them out of the other topic.

By "disproved" do you mean #73 is not unique?
   - I can confirm that this "disproved" position appears correct as it is part of my solution.
   - There is a forced Cross at the top of the blank square @c12r21 (path deduction), which leads to a bit more.
   - This position is really advance, if you agree that there is only one solution, please join the E.T. club.

MondSemmel, you should use current topic if you want to post your #73 saved positions
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
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Posted - 2008.06.23 16:44:28

add some explanation for the solution:

assumption, displayed:

counting analysis, displayed:

?s are assumed to be blanks.
greens are regarded as "internal lines" where others are "external lines".
there's an unique combination between external lines: red to red and blue to blue.
I call this a basic highlander analysis, displayed:

otherwise, nonunique combination, advanced highlander analysis, displayed:

(If some ? is a number instead of blank, the analysis may then be deeper.)
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Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 5669
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Posted - 2008.06.23 16:58:19
Originally Posted by naivoj


"disproved" means "rejected" the long assumption I made.
I "believe" it's unique.

I've shown clearly when I make an assumption and when I use a highlander analysis in my solution.
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Kwon-Tom Obsessive
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Posted - 2008.06.24 13:14:45
For highlander analysis, I havn't included it in the solution, so if you don't believe me you may try. Not so many, for basic highlander analysis (unique combination of joining external lines), you're only required to find 2 possible solutions. For advanced highlander analysis in this puzzle, only 2 combinations (4 free external lines), and you're only required to find 4 possible solutions.
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
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Posted - 2008.06.29 19:19:16
I have uploaded my solutions on Sendspace and on Rapidshare . Feel free to download from the file uploader you prefer. I personally dislike Rapidshare's waiting times (which are unnecessary for small files), so I uploaded the file somewhere else, too.

The file is a .rar archive (which you can open e.g. with WinRaR) containing 26 Loopy saves, which means you need the Loopy application to open them. In Loopy, select Load and then load the file you want to load. BotM73 is the empty puzzle, BotM73done is the finished puzzle, and all other saves are the ones I made while solving the puzzle. I have to mention that I'm somewhat obsessive with saving VERY often (no more than 8 or so saves for normal beasts though, but after Naivoj's description, I was kind of unsure ), but on the upside, this means that the solving process is documented pretty well.

Feel free to ask any questions, or to comment on parts I didn't seem to solve efficiently (assuming that's visible in those saved files).

EDIT: File names ending with "TRY" mean a trial & error exploration, so they are no logical deductions but simply assumptions I want to disprove. Highlander means I used the highlander logic for my deduction, etc.
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