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BotM Completion Bug
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
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Posted - 2008.07.01 21:54:06
I solved the July BotM just now, and because I'm downloading the Diablo III Gameplay trailer, my upload for other things is kind of non-existent, resulting in several instances of "Failed to submit your solution to, try again?" when I wanted to submit the solution. When I finally managed to submit it, it said something like "You solved the puzzle in 27m 17s, beating your previous time of 27m 20s".
There are two strange things about this: First of all, I have only solved this puzzle once. Secondly, when I submitted the solution, the Flash timer said 27m 17s, so I have no idea where the 27m 20s came from - from a previous BotM I solved perhaps?
Reloading/frequently trying to submit the solution probably caused this. This is obviously low priority for BotMs, but it may result in strange things for weekly puzzles.

One theory I have is that when the popup asking you whether you want to try submitting the solution again comes, everything else seems to "freeze", and the Flash timer doesn't seem to continue counting. However, perhaps it does indeed continue counting and it's just not visible?

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