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Kwon-Tom Admin
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Posted - 2008.10.01 08:26:51
If anyone has some spare time after solving some Kwon-Tom Loop puzzles and wants to take a look at something a bit different, we're currently sponsoring one of the stages on the "WISEOZ" site (in the "Fried Logic" wisewit section). Check it out! (But it might be a bit easy for our regulars.... )
Kwon-Tom Fan
Puzzles: 10
Posted - 2008.10.01 15:19:06
Thanks again for the puzzle foilman! Just thought I'd provide a direct link to FRIED LOGIC for anyone who is interested. Your puzzle is up next, we are just waiting on someone to identify the current puzzle type since they have been stuck for a day or so. Maybe someone here knows the name and rules and can help them out, take a look. I'm excited to see everyone's reaction to your puzzle, I think they will love it!

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