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Posted - 2005.08.16 21:15:34
Hello and welcome to the brand-new forum for the site! Don't expect many bells and whistles initially; it's very basic, but all the important stuff is here.

If you're a registered user on the site you can post messages once you've completed at least one of the daily puzzles - I put this restriction in place to prevent casual "spammers".

Forum Problems

There may be a few bugs in the forum; I've tested as much as I can think of, but I wouldn't be surprised if some problems remain. Just let me know if you encounter anything unusual. Also (as with the puzzles) I've only been able to test it on Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows XP, so other platforms/browsers may experience peculiarities.

What Can I Post Here?

Feel free to post anything you want! Boast of your leaderboard successes, whinge about those phone-calls that always seem to happen just when you're on target for a record time, ask for hints and tips, suggest new features, say hello to your fellow puzzle-solvers... or whatever is on your mind.

Puzzles total?

You'll notice that users posting on the forum get a "puzzles" count under their name, which doesn't seem to bear any resemblance to the actual number of puzzles they've solved. Well, due to some internal "issues" (yes, BUGS) I had to reset the total count on the 4th of August, so the total is the number of daily puzzles solved since then. Archived puzzles aren't counted, otherwise you'd be able to solve the same one over and over just to get a higher number than everyone else.

That's all for now!

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