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My 1000th Daily coming soon...
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
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Posted - 2010.07.09 03:49:04
Hello, new people!  I hope you enjoy Kwon-Tom

Originally Posted by EWQMinesweeper

winning percentage is something that is imho not worth caring about, since a) not all patterns are solvable and b) you need to guess at the start.

Ahh well ... I consider those two points to be good reasons why the proportion of wins will never approach 100%.  As for whether it's still worth caring about, I'll accept you have a different opinion! But I guess that means the stats I want probably aren't out there.

I'm getting back into Kwon-Tom more than minesweeper these days anyway ... it's a better use of my time because the supply is somewhat limited (Although I guess I could create all the puzzles I wanted using my husband's program...) Happy puzzling, and welcome again to octo and eqminesweeper
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