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Some large handmade puzzles
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 3329
Best Total: 9m 56s
Posted - 2013.12.06 17:21:49
Over a year since my last batch, wow. I've been slacking. After creating a whole bunch of these, I must say, 1 is definitely the most underrated number. It's amazing what someone can do with a couple well-placed 1's. Anyway, hope you enjoy these. I have no idea how hard the first five are, since it's been several months since I set them. The last two shouldn't be too hard. Consider this an early Christmas present.

Puzzle 29
Puzzle 30
Puzzle 31
Puzzle 32
Puzzle 33
Puzzle 34
Puzzle 35
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 5370
Best Total: 13m 24s
Posted - 2013.12.06 18:40:20
Thanks for the present.The puzzles are both very enjoyable and
challenging. You  have sort of upgraded your code
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 6159
Best Total: 7m 47s
Posted - 2013.12.09 16:59:45
Thanks for the early Christmas present, Authority. I enjoyed these puzzles, too .

My times:
29 - 06m14s
30 - 09m46s
31 - 09m02s
32 - 07m40s
33 - 06m45s
34 - 07m40s
35 - 05m57s
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 3329
Best Total: 9m 56s
Posted - 2015.01.21 05:35:14
Another long break between installments, over a year again! I seem to have become infatuated with repeating patterns for these ones, it really takes the grunt work out of coming up with a pleasing arrangement of numbers. As always, I hope you all enjoy, let me know what you think of them.

Puzzle 36
Puzzle 37
Puzzle 38
Puzzle 39
Puzzle 40
Puzzle 41
Puzzle 42

This is where Puzzle 43 is supposed to go, but it turns out that KwonTomLoop can't handle 50x50 sized puzzles. Who knew? The link takes you to my slitherlink site, where you can select "50x50" in the size menu and play the puzzle that way. I'd post the loopy string for that one, but it stretches the forum out way too far, and adding line breaks makes it uncopypasteable.

I will only consider making a 100x100 puzzle if I receive kind words about the quality of my slitherlinks.
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 6159
Best Total: 7m 47s
Posted - 2015.01.25 11:41:31
Thank you for making these, Authority! I've been enjoying them for the past few days. Now I've solved them up to #42 - I didn't yet have time for your 50x50 behemoth.

My times and comments:
#36 - 14m22s
#37 - 09m25s; I found this puzzle aesthetically pleasing.
#38 - 06m49s
#39 - 08m50s; A memorable puzzle, probably due to the unconventional arrangement
#40 - 08m52s; I was initially slightly annoyed at the gazillion fiddly 1s, but liked how fast these were ultimately to solve
#41 - --m--s; This seemed initially easy, but then I made at least 2 mistakes, didn't manage to solve it after >16 min, and now I frankly don't want to try that puzzle any more =/
#42 - 7m34s; Fun, maybe my favorite.

As I said, I haven't tried #43 yet. (EDIT: I did eventually solve it, in ~37 min.)

Concerning your 100x100 puzzle: I prefer to solve puzzles in single sessions, and that's already pushing it in case of difficult 40x30 beasts. Plus a 100x100 puzzle probably wouldn't fit on any single screen, so there would be lots of annoying scrolling involved. So from my perspective, the upper size limit of enjoyable Slither Link puzzles is probably below 100x100.
But by all means, feel free to try this! I'm just saying, if you want to make a huge puzzle, maybe Slither Link isn't the perfect medium for it? For instance, average Nonogram sizes are way bigger than average Slither Link sizes.
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