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friday's "wrong" stopwatch
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 3277
Best Total: 25m 57s
Posted - 2012.05.14 18:32:58
Thank you foilman for having friday's "wrong" bug fixed !
But there's still a problem, about the stopwatch this time. Now my friday's "wrong" got done, but time kept on running during all week end and it's reached 3 d 5 h 49 m 37 s !!! Is there any way to reset that time ? My average time has boomed from about 30-40 min to 1h 20 m.
Can you do something to help me please ?

Kwon-Tom Admin
Puzzles: 3344
Best Total: 24m 6s
Posted - 2012.05.14 20:02:03
I did attempt to reset the clocks when I made the change, but behind the scenes the database is double-triple-checking all the solving times to reduce the chances of people cheating, and I obviously missed something somewhere. So apologies if you started the wrong wrong and completed the right wrong, your solving time will be excessively long...

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