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"wrong" wrong again! - 18th May
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 1165
Best Total: 31m 51s
Posted - 2012.05.18 10:32:16
It must be something about Fridays - today's "wrong" can't be done - it's obvious immediately.
Kwon-Tom Admin
Puzzles: 3344
Best Total: 24m 6s
Posted - 2012.05.18 11:22:34
Looks like this puzzle's wrong was generated at the same time as last week's and both hit the same bug! I've just run a puzzle/wrong re-generation script and now have enough new Friday puzzles to last 8 years... I'll remove all currently pending wrongs in case they also exhibit problems and hopefully this will be the last we see of this one.

Anyone who has attempted this wrong but failed SHOULD have their times reset properly this time...
Last edited by foilman - 2012.05.18 11:23:06

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