Saturday, 23rd June 2018
Puzzles Solved Yesterday: 105
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Large Picture Puzzles
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 4249
Best Total: 13m 6s
Posted - 2015.08.21 14:03:33
Just FYI, Simon Tatham's "Loopy" puzzle supports puzzles with a variety of borders, from 3 up to 12 I think.

It definitely requires learning new tricks to solve them, but it's a nice change of pace from the standard four-border puzzle.
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 4386
Best Total: 20m 22s
Posted - 2015.08.21 21:53:30
LoopDeLoop also supports generating puzzles for 7 non-square tilings.
Kwon-Tom Addict
Puzzles: 148
Best Total: 1h 28m 51s
Posted - 2015.08.21 23:19:10
Indeed. These and other sites (such as KrazyDad) were my inspiration to make some puzzles with other tilings. And they are pictures!
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