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Kwon-tom Loop added to the Paper Puzzle Masterlist
Kwon-Tom Noob
Puzzles: 1
Posted - 2022.09.24 17:34:05
This is just to let you know that I've added Kwon-tom Loop to the Paper Puzzle Masterlist I've been compiling. There are two entries under Generated:
- daily slitherlink
- slitherlink variations (the variety of grids is amazing, by the way)

As this masterlist is a living project, any suggestions of missed entries (even old-school or lesser known pages, puzzle blogs, software, etc...) are very welcome!

Pedro from
Kwon-Tom Obsessive
Puzzles: 3138
Best Total: 13m 3s
Posted - 2022.11.06 16:39:38
That page looks cool. Do you have an entry for Tatham's puzzle collection? ( Some of the puzzles are logic puzzles (e.g. light up, slither link, nonograms, sudoku, masyu, tentaisho) but some are not.
Kwon-Tom Noob
Puzzles: 1
Posted - 2022.11.07 16:30:25
Thanks qqwref!

There was indeed one entry under "Puzzle Setting Interfaces" but it actually makes a lot of sense to add a second entry under "Generated".

Paper Puzzle Masterlist updated

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