Saturday, 8th May 2021
Puzzles Solved Yesterday: 152
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Dense Mondaysarbor8226872012.07.29 04:42:17
by: Jean
Sparse puzzles and extended highlander solutionsLoopGuy1829472012.07.28 09:41:13
by: MondSemmel
Solver formatmathmaniac518642012.07.28 05:41:50
by: mathmaniac
7/17/12 puzzleBizzyM126202012.07.17 17:11:20
by: BizzyM
June 2012 - weird beast!Zyntax123862012.06.02 06:22:24
by: arbor8
"wrong" wrong again! - 18th Maybanare122892012.05.18 11:22:34
by: foilman
solution for today's 'wrong' (11th May)banare1117532012.05.18 09:30:51
by: ttsoftt
friday's "wrong" stopwatchleChe115652012.05.14 20:02:03
by: foilman
Beast of the Month - MarchJean316152012.03.12 11:13:31
by: MondSemmel
Monthly beast puzzle buttonZyntax316762012.02.24 20:48:11
by: Zyntax
Kwon-Tom Loop - the "flash" version
  Pages: 1 2 3
foilman43130772012.01.13 10:35:37
by: poppinfresh
Random key combination to do a "Reset"?burntsushi218102011.08.16 05:19:59
by: astrokath
Bug: Flash beast says my solution isn't valid!Jean18176712011.07.05 13:59:07
by: foilman
Hello and ThankyouHillBill118502011.04.09 16:22:41
by: Nicknewf
solution (Saturday, 29th January 2011)Jankonyex223142011.03.08 01:06:08
by: martosss
Flash behaving strangelyTilps118482011.02.07 08:35:09
by: Tilps
Numbers under puzzles in archives.Para224132010.11.02 11:12:26
by: foilman
Finally won a dayPara024672010.10.22 18:39:10
by: Para
Wrongs SolvedMortimer123102010.10.13 14:29:29
by: Darklady
Beating best times on old puzzles.Para420452010.10.01 17:50:00
by: Para
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